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5-year-old male with Pre-School Session (10.5 minutes long).pdf2023-09-21 14:26 1.5M 
12-year-old male independently diagnosed with ADHD.pdf2023-09-21 14:26 1.9M 
14-year-old male with both visual and auditory sessions.pdf2023-09-27 14:41 3.7M 
16-year-old female, combined reports.pdf2023-09-27 14:45 5.0M 
17-year-old female, combined reports.pdf2023-09-27 14:28 3.7M 
25-year-old female with unusual pattern of performance which was flagged by Performance Validity rules.pdf2023-09-21 14:26 2.1M 
example-auditory-16f.pdf2023-09-21 14:26 1.7M 
example-pv-19m.pdf2023-09-21 14:26 1.9M 
example-shortform-5f.pdf2023-09-21 14:26 1.4M 
example-subject-12m.pdf2023-09-21 14:26 1.8M 
male-11-vis-combined.pdf2023-09-27 15:09 5.5M 
male-42-vis-combined.pdf2023-09-27 15:09 3.7M