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Test Of Variables of Attention Continuous Performance Test

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Important Information

Getting Started

Welcome to the T.O.V.A. User’s Manual. Feel free to jump right in and install the T.O.V.A. by skipping to “Installing the T.O.V.A. ” (section 11.12), but we’ve included this section in case you’re not familiar with the T.O.V.A. . We’ll tell you a bit about the T.O.V.A. and answer some common questions about it.

Installing the T.O.V.A.

In this part of this manual, we’ll help you install the T.O.V.A. hardware and software.

You will need to log in as an administrator to install the T.O.V.A. . If you own your computer, then you most likely have administrative access to your computer. If your computer is part of a large organization and you have an IT staff that installs programs for you, you will probably want to contact them to install the T.O.V.A. . You can run the T.O.V.A. as a normal or limited user, but it can only be installed by an administrator.

To use the T.O.V.A. software, you will need T.O.V.A. 9 hardware. You cannot administer the T.O.V.A. test with T.O.V.A. 7 or T.O.V.A. 8 hardware. Please contact T.O.V.A. Customer Service (section 29) to purchase a T.O.V.A. kit before installing the T.O.V.A. software.

Steps to Install the T.O.V.A.

  1. Please start by installing the software. The instructions you follow will depend on the kind of computer you have:
  2. Next, you should configure the T.O.V.A. : See section 14.
  3. After you’ve installed the software, install the hardware: See section 15.
  4. Finally, you can test your hardware setup: See section 16.
  5. In the event you ever have to remove the T.O.V.A. from your computer, we also provide ‘uninstall’ instructions here:

Using the T.O.V.A.

In this part of this manual, we’ll show you the parts of the T.O.V.A. you’ll use on a regular basis.


This is the reference section, where we answer all the questions we didn’t answer in the rest of the manual. If you can’t find your answer here, don’t forget: you can always contact T.O.V.A. technical support (section 29).


This is the appendix.